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Are Recent Tariff Updates Affecting your International Supply Chain?

Posted by Danyella Davis on Jun 20, 2018 4:38:03 PM

US import tariffs imposed on steel and aluminum affect countries such as Canada, Mexico, members of the European Union, and China who are major trading partners. In response, some of these countries have imposed retaliatory tariffs on US exports.

China, one of the biggest importers of food products from the U.S., has announced potential tariffs on agricultural products.  Mexico also confirmed it’s considering tariffs on agricultural products. EU tariffs on US goods went into effect at the end of June. You can find the full list of US goods affected hereCanada is expected to follow suit in July.

This developing situation could severely disrupt international food sales and distribution plans, forcing agricultural exporters to look toward creative and flexible supply chain solutions.

Americold is ready to work with you!

  • You can manage your orders or place national holds on your inventory directly through either our i-3PL supply chain control platform or interconnected EDI systems
  • We have supply chain engineers on standby, ready to assist you with storage and distribution strategies as we all look to weather these circumstances


Reach out to your Americold account manager or call us on 888-808-4877. We can help you respond as global markets adjust to this new reality.