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Posted by Danyella Davis on 2018-03-20

Women In Supply Chain Americold: Learn what Americold's doing to make a difference 

The supply chain and logistics industry remains an overwhelming male dominated sector. According to Gartner survey analysis, though women account for 50 to 55 percent of the U.S. workforce, only 35 percent of supply chain employees are female.

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Posted by Danyella Davis on 2018-02-20

Foodborne germs and illness: challenges in food safety

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 6 Americans get sick from eating contaminated food each year. From farm to table, food contamination can happen at any point during the process and understanding the role temperature plays in keeping food safe is critically important.

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Topics: Food Safety, Environment, Food Safety Modernization Act, food contamination, foodborne illness

Posted by Danyella Davis on 2018-02-02

Super Bowl 52: What's on Your Plate?

Very soon, the noshing will commence as Americans tune-in to one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of the year – the Super Bowl. As fans, true and fair weather alike gather to watch the New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles, the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics reports that in 2018, consumer spending for the Super Bowl is predicted to be up 8.5 % year over year.

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Topics: Calorie Control Council, Nielsen, National Chicken Council, Super Bowl 52, National Retail Federation, Chicken Wing Report, frozen food

Posted by Danyella Davis on 2017-12-30

Top Trends in 2017 – Are you a stand out 3PL?

As 2017 comes to a close, the dynamic nature of the food and beverage industry continues to shape organizations. According to Statista, 2017 revenue in the food and beverages industry including fresh and packaged foods, fruits, vegetables, pasta, snacks, sweets, refrigerated and frozen food; soft drinks and alcoholic drinks in the U.S. is approximately $13,855 million, a number that's expected to reach $25,889 million by 2022.

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Topics: dedicated warehouses for e-commerce, Automation, warehouse robotics, consumer driven shift, online ordering, IoT, sustainablity, customer demand

Posted by Danyella Davis on 2017-12-25

Americold Season's Greetings

It’s the time of year again when food brings festive cheer, when families travel near and far the holidays are here.

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Topics: Seasons greetings, festive, family dinner, happy holiday

Posted by Danyella Davis on 2017-11-21

Cranberry Bliss: Your Favorite Holiday Sauce

It’s that time of the year again where tables are heavy-laden with hearty food and home-made recipes. The air is crisp and the seasons have changed. The nostalgia of the holidays is looming and America’s second favorite holiday is recently behind us.

Family dinners have become synonymous with festive celebrations and such seasonal traditions often bind us to our menu must-haves, making these joyous occasions oh so special. 

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Topics: cranberries, Ocean Spray, US Per Capita Cranberry Consumption, holiday season, jellied cranberry sauce

Posted by Danyella Davis on 2017-11-09

4 Benefits of Frozen Over Fresh

Over the past 5 decades, the amount of time Americans spend preparing meals has steadily declined, yet U.S. frozen foods have remained a favorable staple, forecast to reach $72.98 billion by 2024, according to a recent study by Grand View Research.

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Topics: Frozen produce, benefits of frozen over fresh produce, frozen produce is affordable and decreases waste

Posted by Danyella Davis on 2017-10-24

E-commerce – Get Involved or Get Left Behind

E-commerce is about the customer, not retailers. Mind blowing right? Not really. Convenience is key, and online buying affords customers that luxury; a luxury where consumer expectation is undoubtedly associated with ordering convenience, delivery effectiveness, and minimal shipping cost on a 24/7 buying cycle.

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Topics: e-commerce, digital shopping, dedicated warehouses for e-commerce, online purchasing

Posted by Danyella Davis on 2017-09-07

3 Reasons Why Visibility Matters in Your Supply Chain

Supply chain management is changing – Fast.

As demand patterns shift, the dynamic landscape is challenging traditional linear models, creating a paradigm shift that’s opened the door for developing services and technologies to support flexibility in cold chain solutions through data and visibility. This is a topic that’s constantly in the industry news but it’s also ever-changing.

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Topics: Internet of Things, Visibility in Supply Chain, e-commerce, i-3PL

Posted by Danyella Davis on 2017-08-02

Meal Kits, the New Normal

On-the-go consumers are flocking to alternative dinner solutions. With the growing demand for fresh, local, unprocessed foods and an amplified demand for convenience, the meal kit delivery service industry is bustling. So, what’s on your dinner plate?

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Topics: alternative dinner options, meal kit delivery services, on-the-go consumer

Life and Times in the Temperature-Controlled Storage and Distribution Industry

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