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Americold Season's Greetings

Posted by Danyella Davis on Dec 25, 2017 6:01:00 AM

It’s the time of year again when food brings festive cheer, when families travel near and far the holidays are here.

The winter season’s in full swing there’s lots of treats to eat, just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that foods aren’t in full peak. There’s cabbage, carrots, brussels sprouts and even some fruits too, add pomegranate to the list and yes some citrus fruits it’s true.

There’s mother’s favorite recipes and grandma’s famous cake with ingredients fresh from the farm that end up on your plate. The kids are running round and round and the fireplace is ablaze, the carolers just sang their songs and dad just made his second plate.

It’s packed with his beloved meats that’s ribs and lamb du jour, add mashed potatoes and mac and cheese to round out his final course. Granddads in his rocking chair with fuzzy knitted socks, he wears them during football games to bring his team’s good luck.

It’s always something magical about this time of year, homes are filled with lots of love and laughter’s always air.

If you’re in the North and East you’re heavy-laden in the snow, the South is teased with some snowflakes and in the West it seldom shows.

Whether bundled in your bubble coat or light jackets in the sun, that same warm and fuzzy feeling envelopes us each year, it’s the time when friends become family and families draw near.

It’s the toasty, comfy feeling without blankets and hot coca, it’s the pure bliss of comfort foods and laughter with our without snow. It’s the smiles from passer byers, and the crisp of winter air, it’s the hustle and bustle of the year as the holidays draw near.                                                                             

And Americold is there, present at every step of the way, weather producer or retailer, our philosophy is the same.

We strive to keep the integrity of your food through and through, so once it’s ready to eat, the taste will astound you. It’s just how you intend, the same pristine taste and flavor, it’s in impeccable condition for you to enjoy and savor.

It’s your favorite aroma coming from the kitchen stove, creating memories that last a life time, each bite reminds you of home.

From 11,000 Americold associates this is our wish to you, hoping your families have a happy holiday and season's greetings to each of you!