5 Ways to Reduce Protein Transit Times by Leveraging Services During Cold Storage Warehousing

The Americold experts are proud to showcase solutions to measurably streamline your protein supply chain at the upcoming NPFDA Convention & Showcase. Leverage your product’s downtime in storage with Americold’s complete solutions, tailored to your needs, to shorten transit times and reduce total touches. 

Backed by more than 120 years of experience as your industry leader, Americold knows best how to support your protein-specific cold-chain needs. Americold has the largest integrated networks of conveniently-located facilities throughout North America and around the world specifically designed to safely store, prep, package, and transport your protein products from your point-of-origin all the way to your final destination. 

Check out these 5 ways to optimize your supply chain, reduce overall transit time, and maximize product value. Get in touch with our Protein Experts when you’re ready to make them a reality for your protein supply chain.

  1. Americold Farmers Services. Americold has one of the largest protein-specific cold chain networks in the USA. Strategically located facilities in key protein harvesting markets, called “Americold Farmers” Facilities, are adjacent to meat processing plants. Within these facilities Americold offers a complete portfolio of protein-specific value-added services to consolidate protein preparation activities under one roof. By utilizing these convenient locations, protein producers remove entire steps and reduce overall touches in the supply chain. Process, prepare, package, and blast freeze your proteins immediately upon harvest. Check out our Americold Farmers, Sanford, NC facility and others like it across the USA.

  2. Protein-Specific Value-Added Services. Reduce unnecessary transportation and handling, and get even more value from your protein shipment’s time in storage by leveraging protein-specific services right within the Americold facility. Combine activities and do more at your Americold cold storage warehouse. These time- and touch-saving services are a secret weapon to reduce transit time and amplify value.

    Services specifically for protein producers, retailers, and importers/exporters include:
    • Combo handling
    • Packing & Repacking
    • Labeling and Traceability Stickering
    • Blast Freezing
    • Netting/Kitting
    • Tempering
    • Import/Export Facilitation - Customs, Inspections, Paperwork

  3. Location. Location. Location. While that may be enough said, Americold’s global cold storage network map will show you an even better story. With 250 facilities globally and continuing to grow every year, Americold has the right facility in the ideal location to support your unique needs wherever you are moving products to or from. Locations include port facilities on both coasts and in the gulf in the USA, and in locations throughout Europe supporting global protein cold chain service to and from locations around the world.

  4. Import/Export Support. For Importers and Exporters, proteins arriving or departing at the port need to pass through several activities and vendors before being ready to move to their final destination. Regulatory inspections, repacking, kitting or modding, labelling and more can delay and damage your products. Or not. Americold offers these integrated services and more at port facilities or conveniently within the Americold network. Transform miles into inches and feet within a single cold storage facility. Multiple vendors become one provider.  We offer solutions to simplify your cold chain and deliver your proteins at maximum value, anywhere around the world.

  5. Nationwide Transportation Solutions. Americold offers extensive, nationwide transportation solutions in our supply chain support capabilities. Americold operates a national consolidation program and LTL Rates for FTL-like service. Americold’s transportation services reliably connect every major metropolitan market at least once a week–we’re likely already delivering to your customers. By leveraging our integrated transportation service, whether large volumes or small, you only pay for the space you use. Simplify your protein supply chain so you can focus on serving your customers.

Reducing your vendor pool can simplify the management of your entire supply chain, and retain maximum value for your protein products. We help our customers feed the world with seamless, end-to-end supply chain solutions. Contact an Americold Expert to learn how to streamline your protein cold chain today. 


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