Streamline Your Seafood Cold Chain with Integrated Import and Export Services

When it comes to seafood production and distribution, protecting freshness and cold chain integrity with a dedicated cold storage partner is paramount. Whether it's succulent shrimp, delicate salmon fillets, a seasonal catch, or fresh lobster tails, ensuring your seafood reaches consumers in top condition requires meticulous attention to precise temperature control throughout your chain. 

Fully integrated temperature-controlled import and export support can make the difference – offering an unbroken supply chain for producers and distributors striving to deliver the finest quality seafood to your discerning markets worldwide. Even slight temperature changes can accelerate the deterioration of seafood products, leading to loss of flavor, texture, and nutritional value – and ultimately your bottom line.

At Americold, we do better to help our customers feed the world.

With a vast global presence and more than 120 years of experience, Americold has the knowledge and resources to solve your most complex seafood supply chain challenges. We know exactly how to optimize your cold chain to protect and preserve your products and your profits. 

SENA 24Our team of Seafood Supply Chain Experts will be at the Seafood Expo of North America (SENA), March 10-12, to hear about your challenges and tailor solutions for your unique supply chain.
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For Importers.
From the moment your product arrives at the port, we treat it like it’s our own. We want to transition your seafood safely and efficiently through each stage of the temperature-controlled supply chain and deliver it to its final destination in perfect condition. We can meet your ocean containers, help navigate customs, and transport those containers to conveniently located port-adjacent Americold facilities. We quickly unload and return containers to the port to avoid demurrage. In-house, we continue to efficiently prep and/or route your product according to your ultimate destination. End-to-end, your supply chain's temperature integrity remains unbroken.  

For Exporters.
Your domestically raised or prepared seafood products can leverage similar supply chain services in reverse. Deliver your fresh or frozen product to the closest Americold facility, or we can collect it from your point of production. We safely and efficiently move your product to one of our port-adjacent facilities, complete any required labeling, packing, and repacking, support you with preparing any regulatory paperwork, load it into ocean containers, and dray it to the port ready for the steamship line.


Our facilities can coordinate any necessary regulatory requirements and incorporate international services, including:

  • USDA inspections
  • Export certifications
  • Import inspections
  • Export handlings
  • Customs bonded locations
  • CBP CES exam points
  • Drayage in heavyweight corridors
  • Integrated rail and road transportation
  • International document support (export/import)
  • In-house international regulation experts
Dedicated Care, Tailored to Your Unique Needs.
From production-attached, dedicated facilities, to fish filet-specific blast-freezing tunnels and ocean-side facilities to freeze and store the latest catch, Americold’s facilities and services represent an impressive suite of capabilities you can customize to meet your requirements. Consistently updating and fine-tuning its service offerings, Americold supports fisheries, farmers, food producers, and manufacturers, as well as food service providers, distributors, retailers, and eCommerce fulfillment providers across all food groups. 

We provide more so you can focus on serving your customers. 

Integrated Transportation: Port, Rail, and Trucking with Consolidation Options. 
Americold’s integrated transportation network services all 48 contiguous states, with port facilities extending transit for imports and exports worldwide. With our comprehensive transportation program, you can reduce handling, processing, and cycle times to optimize logistics and build the most efficient temperature-controlled supply chain available.

Whether coming or going, many of Americold’s facilities have rail network connectivity for the convenient and cost-effective transportation of large product volumes over long distances. More than 60 Americold facilities in the US the US are linked by rail spurs to the national rail network, effectively securing an end-to-end solution with minimal infrastructure providers. 



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Convention Details:

Learn more about the industry’s leading seafood supply chain solutions at the 2024 Seafood Expo North America, Booth #675. Americold’s “Cool Team” of Seafood and Protein Experts will be there to listen and help with strategies to build your most streamlined supply chain ever.

The 2024 Seafood Expo of North America

Who to see: 
Come meet Americold’s “Cool Team”, your Seafood Supply Chain Experts, to get your questions answered. 

●    Jason Adams  ●    Kyle Compton  ●    Nathan Jemison 
●    Izzy Jackson  ●    Richard Rabello  ●    Joseph Serio 
●    Chris McGuire      

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Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
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Sunday March 10th to Tuesday March 12th, 2024

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Visit us at SENA, Booth #675
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About Americold: 

Americold offers comprehensive warehousing, transportation, and logistics solutions for the food and beverage supply chain worldwide.  We are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the cold food supply chain and providing best-in-class service to our customers.

With experience, reliability, integration, and innovation, we help our customers feed the world.